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swaroski Swarovski have a sale on! You can save between 30 and 50% if you scoot over there now before everything goes.

I've always loved looking at Swarovski crystal figurines going round and round in their glass display cases in shops, watching all the colours of the rainbow shimmer through them as they turn is almost mesmerising.

Almost as mesmering,  are some of the bargains you can pick up in their online sale!

bracletIf you're looking for a pretty present for someone and have less than a tenner to spend, then this 'Lucky You' heart bracelet could be just the thing for you at £9.50 (reduced from £19).

If you've got a bit more to spend and are looking for something special that can be added to over the years, this charm braclet with three charms might be worth considering - it's been reduced to £50 down from £100.

boyNow, of course, this wouldn't be a Swarovski deal if we didn't have a look at the figurines!

I really love this 'It's A Boy!' one - reduced from £66 down to £33 - so if you know someone who's recently had a boy, or is about to, then he's a lovely little keepsake for you to give to them.

There's an It's A Girl! one too or if you need generic babies figurines this little crystal dummy is rather lovely too, or this crystal pram and rocking horse

Thanks to NRashid over at at HUKD!

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