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3 January 2011

Who Sank The Boat

Who Sank The Boat is a 32-page illustrated picture book for children. Amazon currently has it on offer for just £1.49, a £4.50 saving on the original £5.99

I can honestly say that not only have I never read this book, but I have also never even heard of it, so there's very little I can tell you about it. So, instead of waffling on about something I know nothing about, here are some of the reviewers opinions:

I read this book time and time again to my sons and we never tired of it. It is beautifully illustrated and very funny. There are plenty of opportunities for the children to voice their opinions as to "who sank the boat", and after the first read the children love being part of the conspiracy and knowing the identity of the culprit. The book gives you the opportunity to raise lots of side issues with the children, such as the idea that it is sometimes the little things in life that tip the balance.”

Another reviewer says “This is a classic children's story, beautifully illustrated. For the more thoughtful child it is a good introduction to some interesting physical phenomena. The straw that broke the camel's back is an overworked (and unpleasant) metaphor. Our mouse friend is a good analogy to that one snowflake that triggered the avalanche.

Who Sank The Boat was the winner of the 1983 Australian Picture Book of the Year Award. It sounds as if this illustrated book is ideal for making children giggle and providing some fun reading time.

Thanks to Andywedge at HUKD

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