River Island Now Does Clothes for Dogs!

River Island Now Does Clothes for Dogs!

OMG! I have heard the best news ever today. River Island Now Does Clothes for Dogs! My Dachshund, Hugo is going to be the trendiest sausage in the area. Psst... it's okay to 'dress' your dog up - it's winter.

There isn't a huge selection, but we are impressed with what is there. Choose from seven different dog garments:

Each item comes in three different sizes: small, medium and large. You will find measurements for each item on the page.

You can Click and Collect your Dog Clothing for FREE from a River Island store near you or pay £3.95 to have them delivered to your front door.


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  • Jennifer P.

    Aww so cute check out these x

    • Rebecca J.

      I know iv already told milldog she's really excited about the whole situation :joy: xxx

      • Jodene M.

        OMG this is to cute :heart_eyes::joy: x

        • Amy D.

          Might have to purchase one of these!!

          • Tracy H.

            Love it we need a day shopping for the dogs xx:grin:

            • Sandra H.

              I'm going to get Chewie one x

              • Tracey B.

                Wow, I can see One that would suit each dog there!!!

                • Julie J.

                  River island here I come for my fur babies.oooooooo:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:xx

                  • Caz H.

                    Omg! Cora's getting spoilt at Xmas!! :joy::joy:

                    • Rachel L.

                      Ah amazing! Bonnie got her pumpkin costume for Halloween too :jack_o_lantern:

                      • Tracey M.

                        Love this can't wait to get in and see what they have

                        • Gabi C.

                          Saw them when I was coat shopping. And thought no I can't buy dog clothes from there that's daft....isn't it?

                          • Melanie M.

                            I was in river island the other day and never saw any of this. Normally I spot dog clothes a mile off. Lol. Xxx

                            • Kirstie S.

                              Love d pink 1...minnie wud look so cute n d pink jumpr:heart_decoration:

                              • Jess S.

                                Oh my god! Yesss to doggie jumpers!

                                • Annie J.

                                  Aww, loving the Xmas jumper for Alfie :) x

                                  • Tamsyn W.

                                    Oh my god Milford would look amaze in these lol

                                    • Natalia G.

                                      Oh, Oscar would love them :smile:

                                      • Hollie F.

                                        I love these!! They do a wee bomber jacket, I want to get him :see_no_evil: xx

                                        • Natalie R.

                                          I love it I buy them a jumper every year :) xx