Revlon Perfectionist 2-in-1 Dryer £23.99 @ Amazon

Revlon Perfectionist 2-in-1 Dryer £23.99

These Straightening Hair Brushes are really popular and you see them popping up on Facebook and other social media sites.

This Revlon RVHA6475UK Perfectionist 2-in-1 Dryer is now only £23.99 as part of Amazon's 'Deal of the Day'. It's £30 at Tesco Direct, so we say this is a cracking bargain.

The Revlon RVHA6475UK Perfectionist 2-in-1 Dryer will blow dry your hair without the need to juggle a hair dryer and a brush. According to it's rave reviews, you can skip the straighteners too, as it leaves the hair straight and smooth.

One thing that surprised me is that many of the reviewers think this hair tool is great on Afro-Caribbean hair, which can be difficult to blow dry and straighten. So, I reckon this Dryer must be pretty good.

It's lightweight so you shouldn't get cramp using it. Just keep brushing it through the hair. Revlon claim it can cut your hair styling time in half - I am sold!

Delivery is FREE of charge on the Revlon Perfectionist Dryer as it's over £20.


  • Sarah Q.

    Thanks. I'm going to order it. xx

  • Mandy M.

    Ordered, hope it's good!

  • Janette E.

    Oh yes, that's just what I want xx

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