Pumpaloons The Pump Up Game £9.95 @ Amazon

Pumpaloons The Pump Up Game £9.95 @ Amazon

The Pump Up Game from Pumpaloons is currently half price at Amazon, selling at £9.95 instead of £19.95.

My husband finds this quite amusing – we have a blow up mattress that we use for camping and it works pretty much the same thing. If nothing else, this is good exercise for sure!

The way it works is quite simple. You have two ‘Pumpaloons’ – Stripeyloon and Spottyloon – and two foot pumps. Your competitors race to pump up a pair of fun inflatable characters which bob and weave as they slowly raise up. The first Pumpaloon to blow it’s whistle is the winner… and you should have two hot and sweaty and quickly exhausted children on your hands soon enough.

The reviews on these are really mixed. The say they’re suited for children over 4, but the reviewers think they’re better suited to the 3 year old age group and not really much fun for children over six. They’re apparently not as big as the image on the box would lead you to believe, and are actually quite easy to inflate.

Some kids found the inflated product more fun than the actual inflating, and it deflates quickly enough to be packed away again without too much fuss.


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