Prosecco and Gin & Tonic Candles @ Aldi

Prosecco and Gin & Tonic Candles @ Aldi

Prosecco is the tipple of choice for many right now, and Aldi have even got in on the act by selling Prosecco Candles! They are just £2.99 and on sale in stores right now, and they do other fabulous boozy scents as well for the same price.

As well as Prosecco you can get candles scented with Gin and Tonic*, Kir Royale*, and even Bourbon and Leather*!

All are in a simple silver tin with a lid, and at £2.99 each they would make a super extra little gift or stocking filler item.

These went on sale this week in store at Aldi, so it's a case of keeping your eyes peeled in store for these candles. Prosecco and Gin & Tonic are sold out online, but the other scents are still available online with free delivery.


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  • Becky B.

    I had a smell! I wernt too taken!

    • Kate T.

      They stink. Smelt then the other day lol

      • Sarah D.

        Might have to take a look x

        • Jenny R.

          Ooooh don't mind if I do !! :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart: x

          • Kim T.

            :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: need to get some x

            • Becky K.

              yay..what a good idea xxx :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:

              • Aileen S.

                Might encourage us to drink more lol x

                • Mhairi M.

                  Oh think the kir royale one would be nice xx

                  • Collette M.

                    I'd much rather have the booze #justsaying :joy: xx

                    • Lauren D.

                      I've been in aldi today.. couldn't see them xx

                      • Jessica K.

                        I need at least 3 of these lol xx

                        • Vicki K.

                          :heart_eyes: guess where I'm going for my candles lol xx

                          • Georgina G.

                            Hehe I already ordered 3 in time but mint that these do them too!! Gonna have to get more :joy:

                            • Laura K.

                              I actually have a prosecco candle :speak_no_evil: xx

                              • Katy L.

                                Oh my god they are going all out with the booze themes aren't they xx

                                • Katie A.

                                  Aldis are loving them!! Have a fun day off!! :kissing_heart: xx

                                  • Claire C.

                                    This is a MUST! added to my Christmas list now :joy:

                                    • Hannah E.

                                      Haha prob end up drinking it lol xx

                                      • Leanne P.

                                        i want one might nip after work tomoz xx

                                        • Lisha H.

                                          Oooh I know where I'm going!! Xxxxxx