Half Price Chuggington Toys @ Toys R Us

Toys R Us are selling Chuggington Toys for half price at the moment; if you've got a young Chuggington fan then you might just want to ride the rails over there!

I remember when Chuggington first hit the TV screens, it was great.

Not only did my youngest adore it, he gave everyone Chuggington names and, for a while, we all had to refer to each other as such.

My daughter was renamed Koko, my eldest son became Brewster and my youngest called himself Wilson - it all made perfect sense to us (we all had Waybuloo character names too) but it confused the living daylights out of most other people.

There are lots of Chuggington bits and pieces included in the half price offer - the basic die-cast engines, the interactive ones and a remote control Wilson or Brewster.

There are pages and pages of Chuggington toys and to list everything would take forever, so if you're in the market for most things Chuggington the best thing to do is pop over there and have a look for yourself.

Thanks to muffindazzler at HUKD

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