Play And Learn Hammer And Ball Set £1.72 @ Asda Direct

Asda Direct are selling this rather fun Play and Learn Hammer and Ball set for just £1.72 - I have no idea what its full price should be, but I know it'll be more than £1.72!

I love toys like this and so do kids - I think it must be the bashing 'thing' that does it for them, it does it for me...still!

They can try and match the coloured ball to its matching hole, sit them in the hole and then watch as they hammer it inside the block, and appear again out of the hole at the end.

It's genius and will have them repeating the actions over and over and over again.  Fine (and less refined!) motor skills will be developed through grasping the hammer and picking up and placing the balls, along with hand eye co-ordination. It also promotes mental development from colour, shape recognition to teaching letters and numbers; just awesome, and all without flashing lights, 'fun' sounds and the need for shares in a battery company!

You can arrange to collect your Play and Learn Hammer and Ball set for free from your local Asda, or you can pay them an additional £2.95 and have them deliver it to you instead.

Thanks to wishihadadonkey at HUKD 

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