Plastic 4-Drawer Storage Solutions @ Tesco

4 June 2010

drawers1 These plastic drawer storage solutions are great and have SO many uses!

In the kids bedroom for toys, in the bathroom for wet toys or bathroom bits,  in the utility room for all the junk that tends to accumulate there but for some reason mustn't be thrown away, under worktops in the kitchen for extra pots and pan storage maybe, in the garage for all the things you keep in the garage that usually end up in a pile in the corner somewhere, like small garden toys, tennis balls, footballs etc.

See!  The uses for these are many and Tescos have them going for a song!

Actually, the single-width one is going for £9.74 (reduced from £19.49) and the double-width for £17.14 (reduced from £34.29) but you can try singing for them if you want - if nothing else you'll give everyone a good laugh!

pinkDrawersThey come in three colours - silver, pink and blue and the drawers are semi-transparent so you can sort-of-see what's inside rather than having to guess.  One of the drawers is split into two sections, has two feet and two wheels so you can move it around easily.

Dimensions for the single drawers are as follows:

  • L 28 x W 39 x H 86 cm

And the wide ones:

  • L 59 x W 39.5 x H 86 cm

Tescos won't charge you delivery if you decide to order online and then pop in to your local store to collect, or they'll request a fiver to deliver it to you the next day.

Happy storing!

Thanks to LoveHearts over at HUKD

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  • Emma K.
    These are totally excellent for a kids room or a nursery :)

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