Pizza Hut Half Price Pizza: 50% Off £30 Order

21 September 2010

Pizza Hut Order Pizza Online

I know I keep throwing up these pizza deals, but I'm not addicted honest! I know that there are cheaper options out there (and healthier) when it comes to treating the kids. But if you've got older children and teenagers then nothing goes down quite as well as takeaway pizza, or takes as big a hit on your wallet. And of those, Pizza Hut do the yummiest (in my opinion!) and most expensive. This Pizza Hut half price pizza deal gets you 50% off orders over £30.

Click here to get 50% off your pizza order at Pizza Hut

  • Discount: 50%
  • Minimum Spend: £30
  • Applies To: Pizzas only, for collection
  • Voucher Code: TAKWY56RY
  • Expires: 3rd October 2010

It only applies to pizzas, and not to the deals, sides or dips. I tried it out on an order of two stuffed crust, meat supreme pizzas and one Super Saver Deal. The code 'said' that it hadn't worked, but on my order sub-totals, it had taken 50% off the two pizzas.

Pizza Hutt Stuffed Crust PizzaI've passed this one on to my friend - she's got an 11 year old son who is having a sleepover with his best mate this weekend, so it will come in handy. The only downside is that it is for collection only, and won't work if you try to apply it to an order for delivery. Still at least then you can order the pizzas and pick up much cheaper cokes, coleslaw and BBQ chicken wings from Tesco on the way past.

Thanks to osullivan1986 at HUKD!

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