Pizza Express Coupon: Any Pizza For £5.95

Pizza Express Coupon: Any Pizza For £5.95

Pizza Express CouponUse this Pizza Express coupon to get any pizza for £5.95. Yummy yum yum! Sorry, I simply adore Pizza Express. If you're going to go anywhere for pizza, this is the place. I wish they had their dough balls on half price offer.

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  • Discount: any pizza for £5.95
  • Applies to: pizza only
  • Voucher: click on the link above
  • Expires: 2nd April 2011

To use this code, click on the link above. You will need to fill in the online form. Then you'll be taken to a page showing your voucher and voucher code. Print this and take it to the restaurant. You will need to specify which restaurant you will be using it at, but you don't have to pick a time or date.

Only one voucher is needed per table. You can't use the same voucher code twice, and these are checked on an online database. With the voucher you're entitled to to any pizza for £5.95 (excluding the Calabrese and other main courses).

Thanks to superhot at HUKD!


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  • Janine
    This is one of the worst deals PE do. Nearly every week or weekend main courses are 241. But if you are stupid enough to think that 'this is the place' to get good pizza then you define narrow minded.
    • Lynley O.
      Thanks for letting us know about the other deals. There really was no need to make it a personal attack on me, someone you don't know, just because I really like Pizza Express pizza's.
      • Joe
        Like Janine said, it's not the best deal out there, but if you don't have a 241, then it's better than paying full price! Does seem a bit harsh of Janine, but the internet is a free place which does attract nutters... even ones with strong views against Pizza Express, which as Pizza places go is not bad at all - especially if you compare it to Pizza Hut etc. Fresh ingredients, reasonable prices and nice venues good deal - thanks :)
        • Lynley O.
          Yes I agree. I'm always happy when our readers come along to tell us they know a better deal. It doesn't happen too often mind :) But the important thing is readers get the best possible deal. I never understand why people take it to a personal level though.