Pink Hetty Hoover £4 @ Tesco

Pink Hetty Hoover £4 @ Tesco


There’s 60% off this pink Hetty desktophoover at Tesco, reducing it from £10 to £4.

I have an annoying problem with my laptop, which is that my keys are always getting stuck. I’d assume it was all the biscuits crumbed underneath, or my daughter’s sticky fingers as she’s forever wanting to watch videos of herself. Unfortunately, it’s just a rubbish laptop, since it’s new and has always been this way.  If it wasn’t, however, this would be a cute way of getting it clean.

This pink Hetty desktop hoover is the little sister of the popular Henry hoovers, and is made for small jobs, such as suctioning crumbs off your computer or laptop keyboard - or I'd imagine, out the sink of the play kitchen.

According to the single reviewer, it doesn’t have the strongest suction and it doesn’t really do its job properly, although, as it’s battery operated, I wonder if more powerful batteries might do the trick. Or maybe they just need a heavier duty cleaner.

Hetty Hoover comes with a hose and tools for  the nooks and crannies, but doesn’t come with the required AA batteries.


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