Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig, Barbie or Disney Princess Scootin Suitcase @ Very

Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig, Barbie or Disney Princess Scootin Suitcase @ Very

Oh my goodness, I wish I had seen these amazing Scootin Suitcases sooner! They are fab! My daughter has a Trunki but I may just have to buy one of these for her birthday, she will love it!

The Scootin Suitcases come in different designs and some are in the sale at Very. Prices start from £34.99. Here are the different ones that are available:

These cases are fab, they have a built in scooter that your little ones can ride around on. Or there is a handle so you can pull it along too. Plus a large suitcase on the front to store all your little one's essentials. It also folds down for easy storage.

I love the idea of taking this scootin suitcase away on a family holiday. Saves us carrying all the luggage and keeps my daughter entertained!

You can pick up your Scootin Suitcase for FREE from a local, participating store near you, when you opt for Collect+ or pay £3.99 to have it delivered to your home.


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  • Sophie W.

    sonny would love whizzing around the airport on this

    • Stacey T.

      for the kids at the airport :joy:

      • Jemma S.

        Omg no they'd be lethal :joy::joy::joy:

      • Brenda C.

        Ahh this what ive been lookn 4

        • Frankie V.

          Thanks Hun these look great x

          • Terri D.

            Aww there well good. :grinning:

            • Ashley C.

              Would they count as hand luggage? Xx

              • Terri D.

                No lol. Don't think we can start taking scooters on lol. N Ther £60

                • Terri D.

                  Hahah we would loose him in airport ! :joy:

                  • Terri D.

                    There good for a holiday in England tho :grin:

                    • Kirsty W.

                      Paw patrol one sold out xx

                      • Amy W.

                        are these ok for hand luggage?

                        • Becky C.

                          That's cute but we have the trunki

                          • Kathryn B.

                            OK so they are still £43!!!!! X

                            • Sinéady J.

                              Would these be suitable for a 6 year old ?

                              • Charlotte G.

                                These are well smart :heart_eyes:

                                • Ryan P.

                                  What do you mean kids ? I want one !

                                  • Lisa M.

                                    Love this but he already has a paw patrol scooter and suitcase :joy:just need to glue them together hahaha xx

                                    • Nikki M.

                                      It's a good idea haha! xx

                                      • Leanne M.

                                        :negative_squared_cross_mark: Just to clarify these cases are prohibited in ALL airports due to accidents happening. We nearly had my nephews taken off us at new year. We were allowed to use it on that occasion but we're advised they are now banned and will be removed if brought into airports :negative_squared_cross_mark:

                                        • Stevie M.

                                          I'm glad I saw this thank you for the heads up hun

                                          • Leanne M.

                                            Your welcome. We have used it a few times but as we boarded the plane we were told to go straight to security as case is prohibited. After 30 mins of disagreement we were allowed to board with the case in the hold only! But we're advised it will not be allowed in the future. Security will keep it at a charge of £35 per day for storage. So definitely do not purchase this!!!

                                            • Rachel M.

                                              - ^^ x

                                              • Laura M.

                                                for godsake? Health and safety gone mad! X

                                                • Rachel M.

                                                  - I know!!! Could chance if I suppose? :thinking: Think I might still get her it anyway , she loves packing a wee bag, never mind having a scooter attached lol xxx

                                                  • Bryony P.

                                                    My daughter has a Scootcase not these ones in particular, but we flew with it with no problem at all this summer .... just lots of other children (and parents!) Looking on wishing they had one! Best purchase ever!

                                                    • Donna B.

                                                      We were stood behind a child on one a few weeks ago she was fine on it and we have been looking into them for our children i haven't heard anything that there banned

                                                      • Natasha J.

                                                        Thanks for info. Nearly ordered it for our holidays.

                                                        • Emma L.

                                                          that's shit!!!

                                                          • Nicola S.

                                                            My daughter has another brand but almost the same and we flew from leeds bradford to antlaya and back again with no problems.

                                                            • Leanne M.

                                                              We have used it many a time in airports & have never had any problems but we're advised that they are prohibited. & that was us flying on 28th dec

                                                              • Stevie M.

                                                                Have any of you flown from Manchester with them please

                                                                • Dana L.

                                                                  Just bk from tenerife 2 weeks ago n a few had these so ad say there still okay to use :thumbsup:

                                                                  • Rachel I.

                                                                    Probably a busy body with nothing better to do. :slight_frown:

                                                                    • Stevie M.

                                                                      Ohh they sell them to reserve and collect at Heathrow so much be allowed them

                                                                      • Safisha H.

                                                                        this was the comment, not clear what the rules are

                                                                      • Graham B.

                                                                        Ahh what.....I just ordered miela a ladybird trunkie :smirk: she would love one of these!! Hmmmm :thumbsup_tone1: