Octonauts Umbrella £6.80 @ Amazon

There's only a little bit of money off this Octonauts umbrella - £6.80, instead of £8 - but if you've got a young Octonauts fan in your family then they're not going to care about that. They'll just be longing for rain so they can use it!

Of course, I suppose they could always use their Octonaut brolly to keep the sun off their heads - think Octonauts parasol - if the sunshine puts in a decent appearance this year.

I remember loving have my own umbrella, it meant I actually stayed dry instead of being under one with my mum.  You know how it goes when you're small - you're with someone taller than you, who's holding the brolly, so you might as well not even bother being under it as you get no shelter from the rain at all.

There's not really much I can tell you about this Octonauts brolly that you don't already know - I mean, what you don't know about brollies now, probably isn't worth knowing at all, but I'll try anyway...

It has: blunt spoke ends, pinch-proof opening and closing mechanism, four coloured panels and four character panels, along with an easy grip handle and wipe clean fabric.

Here are a couple of reviews for your perusal:

"When I saw this Octonaut Umbrella I thought it would be perfect for my two year old. He can open and close the umbrella on his own and loves to walk around with it constantly. Perfect size for a 2-5 year old."

"Bright and colourful, sturdy and waterproof with the bluntest spoke-ends I've ever come across - making it one of the safest. Incredibly pleased as is my son."

Thanks to wishihadadonkey at HUKD

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