Nike Store Inc Online Discount: Free Delivery

Nike Store Inc Online Discount: Free Delivery

Nike Store IncUse this online discount code at the Nike Store Inc to get free delivery on your order, including sale items. I tried it out on a boys jacket in the Clearance section and it worked just fine.

Click here to get free delivery at the Nike Store Inc

  • Discount: free delivery
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To use this code, click on the Basket and enter it in the appropriate box. It's really as simple as that. Unless you've lived without a TV or gone to the movies for most of your life (in which case you're probably not going to be on the computer!) then you'll be familiar with Nike. So I'm not going to bother going into the usual blather.

Instead I'm going to make the most of this, my last post before Christmas. There's still a lot of snow on the ground here in London. The tree lights are twinkling. All the presents are wrapped and hidden away upstairs ready to come out tonight. I'd like to follow my family's tradition of putting the presents out as they arrive/are bought for up to two weeks before Christmas just to REALLY torment the kids. But my other half is nicer than me!

The chicken is roasting nicely in the oven, and we've loaves of crusty bread to eat with and share with anyone who drops by. Oh and some wine! I'm about to make popcorn, and there's hot chocolate. I do love Christmas Eve! The mince pies are lined up, ready to go in the oven as soon as the chicken is out so we can all have warm mince pies for afters.

How was your Christmas Eve (assuming you've better things to do than be on the internet!) and what did you get up to?

Merry Christmas everyone!

Thanks to wizzywas at HUKD!


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  • Kumar
    Expired! I tried, did not work.
    • Lynley O.
      That was fast. I only saw the code for the first time yesterday - and while I couldn't find an expiry you'd think it would last longer than a day. Maybe it is a site issue, give it another try tomorrow?