New Harry Potter Jewellery Range @ Argos

New Harry Potter Jewellery Range @ Argos

If you're a mega Harry Potter fan then you need to see this - they now have a range of Harry Potter Jewellery at Argos! There's all sorts to please fans from earrings, to necklaces and even watches, and with prices from as little as £7.99 it's well worth a peek!

Here's what you can get:

These are all official products, so although you can pick up cheap versions from China on ebay these are the real deal.

Those Wand Pendants are especially impressive, with their Ollivander's branded gift boxes, and the Charm Bracelets come in a lovely gift box too.

There seems to be lots of stock about at the moment, but who knows how long that will last?

Reserve and collect is free from Argos stores, and home delivery costs £3.95.


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  • Toni B.

    I've got these earrings! Need the watch :ok_hand_tone1:

    • Nicisha M.

      I want the deathly hallows watch,don't think I could cope looking at dobby all the time xx

      • Karima U.

        Not a harry potter fan but these are very pretty

        • Maddie F.

          wow!! the watches are cool :sparkles:

          • Sophie H.

            The wand necklace looks nice

            • Frances S.

              We need Hermione's one that's goes back in time lol

              • Danielle T.

                I want the charm bracelet :heart_eyes:

                • Stacey K.

                  I need that olivanders wand necklace xx

                  • Suzanne F.

                    Gotta love some Argos bling right?! :joy:

                    • Paul F.

                      Not really for me but I like the wand necklace

                      • Rachel R.

                        I know. They're lush :heart_eyes: x

                        • Seri J.

                          I want a bracelet and a watch x

                          • Sharon G.

                            Oh wow...I want the earrings and snitch necklace :heart_eyes: xx

                            • Liz B.

                              I have some of these already ;-)

                              • Lucy W.

                                I would love a watch :heart_eyes:

                                • Daisy G.

                                  I was already thinking of getting a want necklace x

                                  • Amy M.

                                    I definitely want a watch

                                    • Katie M.

                                      I have a charm bracelet-these are lovely though!

                                      • Elisha G.

                                        Omg the dumbledore wand :flushed::heart_eyes::heart:

                                        • Natalie B.

                                          I love the ollivanders box necklace :heart_eyes: