Multi-Coloured Ball Coat Hooks £2.49 @ Argos

22 July 2010

hooks I don't know what it's like in your house, but in mine it can seem as if there are never enough hooks for coats! These multi-coloured ball coat hooks fit over the top of the door so there's no for drills, raw plugs, hammers and screws!

Of course you don't just have to hang coats on coat hooks. Hang this coat hook contraption over the back of a bathroom door and you have four places to put your towels.

The Teenagers have over-the-door coat hooks on their bedroom doors - ok, so they might be empty most of the time as they seem to be of the opinion that school blazers, dressing gowns and fleece jumpers look better just thrown on the floor. But at least there's somewhere for these things to be hanged when I go into full-blown 'HANG YOUR CLOTHES UP!' nagging mode!

I love the fact that there's no fixing to the wall involved with these coat hooks. You can move them around if necessary and take them with you if you sell-up and go to live somewhere else, without leaving gapping great holes in the walls for the people moving in to deal with.

Now, Argos have reduced this item from £12.99 down to just £2.49 but I suggest you arrange to collect in store, otherwise you're going to get stung with their OTT delivery charge of £5.95 - NOT GOOD!

Thanks to amibees over at HUKD

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