Moulin Roty Les Loustics Money Box £7.92 @ Amazon

Moulin Roty Les Loustics Money Box £7.92 @ Amazon

Amazon are selling this Moulin Roty Les Loustics money box for £7.92 instead of £20.95.

I have a bit of a thing for money boxes; I loved having somewhere special to put pocket money in when I was little - it was more fun to save it up at home and then take, what seemed like, a huge stash of cash to the bank to deposit in my bank account, rather than never actually seeing the money mount up before your very eyes.

I also think it's a lovely way to introduce children to the concept of saving their money and being content to leave it be, instead of feeling that BURNING desire to spend it straight away.

This Moulin Roty Les Loustics money box is cute without being overly 'cutesy', which makes it perfect for both boys and girls - this is ideal if you're looking for a little 'welcome to the world' gift that isn't a blanket or a toy.

The lovely elephant with his lion and bear pals is suitable for little ones aged three years and over, if you're going to let them get their hands on it (children and small coins just don't mix!) but if it's going to be kept nicely out of the way on a shelf until their old enough to not want to eat their money, then I'm sure you can buy it for little ones who are younger.

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