Moshi Monsters Mega Bloks Advent Calendar £6.15 @ Amazon

If you head over to Amazon, quickly, you'll be able to pick up a Moshi Monsters Mega Blocks advent calendar for £6.15 rather than £19.99.

Okay, so this feels wrong - telling you about advent Calendars before we're even out of April - BUT there is method in my madness...I think! Either that, or I've completely lost the plot.

My thinking goes like this:

1) The calendar doesn't appear to have a date on it, so you can safely buy it in advance (gambling a bit on the fact that your current Moshi Monsters fan will still be a Moshi fan in eight months time!) and stash it away - this will appeal to the super-organised among you; or

2) You can plunder and pillage your way through all 24 doors in one go and, VOILA, lots of little Moshi Monster bits and pieces on the cheap - as long as you don't mind them having a bit of a Christmas theme.

Personally, I'm all for getting organised for that cold and festive time of year as far in advance as possible - then you can enjoy the build up and watch everyone else rush around like lunatics and pay over the odds for things like this exact Moshi Monsters Mega Bloks advent calendar.

Thanks to wishihadadonkey at HUKD

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