Moshi Monsters 2012 Calendar £3.99 @ Play

If you have a child who's a fan of Moshi Monsters then they might like to have one of these Moshi Monsters 2012 calendars to keep track of their hectic social schedule.

I'm not being funny when I talk about keeping track of hectic social schedules, my youngest has more things going on after school and over the weekends that I'm beginning to wonder where all the additional hours in the days come from!

He has an after school movie club on Wednesdays, swimming lessons on Fridays, football and fencing on Saturdays (he used to call it sword fighting and is very excited, already, as he's off to the Olympics to watch fencing in the summer) and more swimming on Sundays.

Then add in al the various birthday party dates, trips down to the coast with his dad to stay with family there and his calendar very quickly starts to look very full up.

I don't  know anything about Moshi Monsters and am assuming that you will if you live with a Moshi Monsters fan and don't need me to tell you about them; what I CAN tell you is this Moshi Monsters calendar should cost £7.99 but Play are letting them go for £3.99.

Last day delivery dates are fast approaching - today is the last day for Christmas delivery with The Book People and I imagine Play et al won't be far behind them, so I'd get organised and order these last few little bits now before it's too late.

Thanks to Syzable at HUKD

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