Morrisons Are Selling Christmas Jumpers!

morrisons jumpers pm

When I think of Christmas novelty clothing I don't usually think of Morrisons, but that might have to change! They have just started selling Christmas Jumpers and Tops for adults, and they start at just £5 each!

There are a choice of four different tops for £5 each, and four jumpers at £12 each and they are a mix of men's and women's to choose from. I like the Women's Reindeer Top* for £5, although this Winter Scene Jumper* is lovely too.

These styles are new to the Morrisons website so there's not much information yet, and no reviews, but you can add them to your online grocery shopping order or pick them up in selected stores as well.

I wonder what other Christmas goodies Morrisons will be surprising us with next! We will just have to wait and see...

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