Six Months Online Language Course £8.95 @ Groupon

onlineLanguageCourseGroupon I have another Groupon deal for you today; a six months online language course in one of seven languages for £8.95, instead of £29.95.

There are some people who are firmly of the belief that all people should speak English, and when they go abroad make no effort to converse with the locals in their native tongue.

However, for the rest of us more adventurous linguists here's our chance to learn a new language for less than a tennner.

My mum lives in Italy, so I quite fancy learning to speaking Italian - not only that, it's such a beautiful sounding language that anything said in it just sounds wonderful.

My cousin lives in Spain, so I quite fancy learning THAT - that way I might actually stand a chance of understanding some of what's being said around me, when I finally get myself over there to visit her!

The other languages included in your choice of seven are:

  • French
  • Portuguese
  • Swedish
  • German and
  • English

All you have to do is buy this Groupon deal before 11.59pm tonight, redeem your voucher once it's active and get learning.

All you need after that is a cheap plane ticket deal, to the country of your chosen language, so you can wow the locals with your linguistic skills!

Fantastico; molto bene!

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