Monopoly Cityville Family Board Game £7.04 (Was £21.99) @ Amazon

Monopoly Cityville Family Board Game £7.04 (Was £21.99) @ Amazon

I don't know about you, but I plan on stocking the toy cupboard with boardgames to help get us all through the summer holidays this year. So it's music to my ears to hear that the Cityville version of Monopoly is on offer at Amazon right now, reduced to £7.04 instead of £21.99.

The manufacturer's guidelines suggest that this game is suitable for children aged 8 years old and up. It looks like the classic fast-dealing property trading Monopoly game, but this CityVille Monopoly game is based on the original online CityVille game. Buy properties then build houses, community spaces and businesses on them, and raise cash when it's your turn. You'll pay when you land on zoning permit spaces, and get paid when you pass 'Go'. The first player to build four skyscrapers wins.

The reviews are pretty good, with 14 customers rating this board game 4.5 stars out of a possible 5 stars. Here's a fairly typical review:

"I bought this board game because (a) it was a great price and (b) my six-year-old old loves Monopoly so I thought this version might interest him. Like all types of monopoly it is a slant on the original game. In short my 6 year old loves this version as you can have skyscrapers, and I like it because it improves my son's reading and maths. Recommended."

I can't say whether this will turn your brood into budding tycoons - but let's hope it'll keep my lot quiet for a few hours during what's bound to be a rainy summer.


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