My Mini Baby Born Hospital Doll £4.98 @ Argos Outlet

My Mini Baby Born Hospital Doll £4.98 @ Argos Outlet

Argos’ Outlet shop are selling this rather cute 3 doll pack at £4.98 including postage.  You’ll get the same offer for £2.99 at Amazon, but with £4.11 postage, making it £7.10.

There’s really not very much information on these dolls on either Argos Ebay or Amazon, so I must admit I can’t tell you much about them either, apart from the fact that you get three dolls in one set.  There’s no indication of how large mini is either, so, it’s kind of a bit like a lucky packet.

The dolls are cute though – there’s one that I assume to be a nurse, one with a brush – cause every hospital needs a beautician – and one with a bandaged arm, which I assume is the patient.

They’re recommended for children over three years of age, because of small parts like the shoes the Mini Baby Born Hospital Dolls wear.

Thanks to lucerysmum at HUKD


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