Mini Apron And Cooking Utensils Set £7.49 @ Amazon

Mini Apron And Cooking Utensils Set £7.49 @ Amazon

kidsKitchenUtensilsMy youngest and his dad are domestic chaps; they quite often indulge in a bit of baking and whip up the odd chocolate cake, and the last one was a bit odd as they strayed from the usual recipe path!

Big kitchen utensils can be tricky for little hands to get to grips with and often mean you, they and the kitchen walls end up wearing most of what should be in the mixing bowl.

Cooking in the kitchen for fun is great and baking cakes and other goodies is a good way to while away a few hours if the weather is rubbish; it's also coming up to school Summer Fete time too which always lead to requests for umpteen batches of fairy cakes and muffins, it's nice to get your kids involved with that too.

However, cooking with you can also provide opportunities to teach your kids about food from early on, where it comes from, good and bad food choices etc.

This little kitchen set comes with an apron (very important!), a rolling pin, slotted spatula, wooden spoon and a whisk.

It's original price was £14.99 but Amazon are currently letting it go for half price at £7.49 instead, and will be until 11.59pm on Sunday as it's one of their Deals of the Week; hurrah!

Happy baking!


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