Minecraft Diamond Edition Steve? Figure £12.99 @ Home Bargains

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Right, I am sorry to all you fans out there but I despise Minecraft. A long time ago, it stole both of my children and I am yet to get them back. Home Bargains have the Minecraft Diamond Edition Steve? figure for only £12.99. If you have ever shopped for this pixelated games merchandise then you will know this is a GOOD price.

What is so special about the Minecraft Diamond Edition Steve? figure? Apart from the fact you will be known as a legend by your child if you give them this. This figure is a special edition of a character from the game and is therefore highly collectable. His arms can move as can his head.

A diamond sword and helmet are included. Both Steve? and the accessories are made from vinyl, and not like other pieces of Minecraft merchandise, which are of cardboard consistancy. Let's face it, when you are paying through the nose for toys, you want them to be made a bit better than flimsy cardboard that your children will have wrecked in two minutes flat.

The Minecraft Diamond Edition Steve? figure is available for delivery only for £3.49, or if you are in your local Home Bargains then why not have a nosey. I know they are bit hit or miss with their stock lines but you never know.

Thanks to popplh @ HUKD

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