Mickey Or Mini Mouse Baby Bibs (Packs Of Three) £1.99 @ Home Bargains

If you're a Disney fan and are in the market for baby bibs, then get yourself over to Home Bargains and grab a few packs - each one costs £1.99 and contains three Disney bibs, featuring either Mickey or Mini Mouse in different designs.

If you've been in the parenting game for a while, you'll already know that you can never have too many baby bibs! If you're waiting to join the parental ranks then heed the advice, I'll say it again: YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MANY BABY BIBS!

These Disney ones are really rather cute and the designs are purely for our grown-up benefit - trust me when I tell you, your baby will not care whether their bibs have Mickey Mouse on them, Mini Mouse on them, or nothing at all. And by the time they get to the age where they might care...you'll have graduated onto using tea towels instead.

If you really can't get yourself into town to collect your Disney bibs in person - which won't cost you anything - then home delivery should cost around 99 pence, I can't imagine a pack of bibs will be classed as anything other than a small parcel.

Happy multiple bib buying!

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