Mermaid Ceramic Clam Light (Pearlescent or Rose Gold) £10 @ The Works

Mermaid Ceramic Clam Light £10

If you or your kids are crazy for all things mermaid we have found the perfect night light! The Works are selling these beautiful Mermaid Ceramic Clam Lights for just £10 each, and they come in a choice of Pearlescent or Rose Gold.

Each one has a battery powered spherical light that looks like the pearl inside the mermaid clam shell, and the light will morph through a spectrum of colours.

If you would rather use this as a trinket box you can just take out the pearl to store your own treasures inside instead.

You can click and collect for free from The Works stores, or home delivery costs £2.99 or is free on orders of £20 or more.


  • Gemma B.

    perfect for a little mermaid princess :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: x

  • Helen B.

    You’re lethal! I just bought those make up brushes :joy::joy::joy: xx

  • Kate S.

    Sorry! I just love bargains so much haha xxx

  • Elise L.

    Yes she would! :heart: I’ll have a look...

  • Sarah S.

    Think I need to get phoebe a purple one :heart_eyes:

  • Emma M.

    i think you might appreciate this ... I'm buying one :heart_eyes:

    • Emma M.

      Rose gold looks better ... :wink:

  • Hannah C.

    :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: these are perfect for the girls room!! XxX

  • Claire J.

    Thanks Mrs kara would love this x

  • Aimée C.

    Rose gold one for me :ok_hand_tone2::ok_hand_tone2:

  • Khema M.

    Are they trying to kill me with excitement?! This is everything I’m all about in one thing!

  • Rhian C.

    Exactly what i thought when i saw it

  • Shellie H.

    I have this £10 from the works.. the shell is ceramic and the light ball is plastic.. its beautiful but not for little hands as it would break very easily.. looks amazing in a dark room :grin: x

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