Melissa And Doug See And Spell £14.39 @ Amazon

Melissa And Doug See And Spell £14.39 @ Amazon

Amazon have some rather nice discounts on a few Melissa and Doug items, but this Melissa and Doug See and Spell wooden jigsaw set caught my eye - for now, at least, you can buy it for £14.39 instead of £19.99.

I have a real soft spot for most things Melissa and Doug - good, old-fashioned wooden toys that kids love, don't require batteries, don't have flashing lights and don't make any whistling, squeaking, rattling or ding-dinging noises; parental bliss!

SO, the Melissa and Doug See and Spell set features wooden jigsaw puzzles that are completed by filling in the missing letters with some of the 72 wooden letters that come with the set, along with the eight two-sided wooden cut out boards.

Your child's task is to look at the picture, learn the three or four letter word, identify the letters required, find them amongst the 72 and fit them into place; they can also use the wooden letters as stencils to draw around and colour in on paper.

Of course you're not limited to spelling only the words specified by the wooden puzzle cut-out boards - you can just free spell whichever words take your fancy or just use them to support the learning of the alphabet in the early stages of getting to grips with all things letters.

Happy seeing and spelling!


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