Mega Car Playmat £9.98 @ B&Q

Mega Car Playmat £9.98 @ B&Q

carmatIf you have boys then these playmats are almost compulsory purchases

My family has a lot of history in motorsport and as soon as any of us were old enough to hold or push anything, we've been driving toy cars around carpet race tracks (we used my mum's clothes pegs to line out a course) and parking our prized sports cars in garages (old shoe or cereal boxes!).

The one day my mum bought my oldest son one of these playmats (not this exact one obviously, he's more into driving full-sized cars now) and the days of homemade carpet race tracks were changed forever!

We've had loads of them over the years and I can safely say that it's worth paying a bit more than just a couple of quid for them.  This one's nice and long at just a smidge under two metres and it's a metre wide so there's plenty of room for lots of cars, lorries, tractors and all of the other associated car 'stuff'.

There's no delivery to pay as you can only collect it instore but with a  B&Q on almost every corner this is hardly going to be a chore!

Thanks to victoria12345 over at HUKD


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