Magic Anti-Sand Beach Mat Just £9.99 @ Wowcher

Magic Anti-Sand Beach Mat Just £9.99

I have had my eye on one of these Magic Anti-Sand Beach Mats for a while now but they are always quite pricey. However I have just found one at a bargain price over at Wowcher. They are just £9.99 instead of £27. So now I don't have to worry about sand in my picnic at the beach!

What is unique about this beach mat is that it doesn't trap the sand like regular blankets would. The innovative design of this beach mat means that no pesky grains of sand will be stuck to your mat!

You literally just shake it and the sand disappears back onto the beach! It is such a fantastic idea and at just £9.99 it's a fab buy for your beach bag.

It's made from comfy 100% polyester and measures 200cm x 150cm. You can choose from three colours: blue, green or pink.

Home delivery is an additional £2.99.


  • Michelle B.

    we need these for summer lol xx

  • James E.

    Looks cool. Would be great for our holiday

  • Emma B.

    I want one of these I hate hate hate sand!

  • Emma B.

    It just gets everywhere worse than glitter!

  • Symantha W.

    Yeah autistic kids and icky sand isn't a good combo always ends in tears :see_no_evil: pool for us xx

  • Kirsty L.

    I need this but in like a full body suit

  • Beth G.

    Yep. I’m gonna get one xx

  • Nicky T.

    Yesss, I love the beach, but not the sand ! X

  • Katy P.

    Omg yes!! I need two, 1 for just me and 1 for them to share!! Lol x

  • Becca D.

    I need one of these for our beach days x

  • Gina A.

    Yes hate getting sand on me. Xxx

  • Emma S.

    We both sat on skeg seafront brushing sand away like we were allergic to it :joy::joy: xxx

  • Charlie D.

    No one wants a sandy sandwich x

  • Chris M.

    Do they make whole suits out of it?

  • Nicola E.

    I have one and they are great!! xx

  • Amy L.

    Does this really work :thinking:

  • Hollie B.

    Sounds perfect. Picnics at the beach again xx

  • Lisa T.

    We have one it’s brill x

  • Aimee-Jayne G.

    That’s what we needed haha. Hate sand

  • Kirsty H.

    Ooooo. Will have to get one of these xx

  • Beata W.

    Wow that's a great idea. Never thought you could get one like that xx

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