Magic Anti-Sand Beach Mat Just £9.99 @ LivingSocial

Magic Anti-Sand Beach Mat Just £9.99 @ LivingSocial

My daughter has finished school today for the Summer and we have plenty of beach trips planned. I love the beach, as does my daughter, but I can't stand the sand on my blanket when I'm trying to eat my picnic!

I have had my eye on one of the anti-sand beach mats that have been doing the rounds on social media but they have always been so expensive at around the £40 mark. Luckily I found this Magic Anti-Sand Beach Mat for the bargain price of £9.99 at LivingSocial!

What is fantastic about this beach mat is that it doesn't trap the sand so you don't have to constantly dust your blanket off! The innovative design of this beach mat means that no pesky grains of sand will be stuck to your mat!

You literally just shake it and the sand disappears back onto the beach! It is such a fantastic idea and at just £9.99 it's a fab buy for your beach bag.

You can choose from five different colour options: pink, green, blue, navy blue or grey. They are made from comfy 100% polyester and measure 200cm x 150cm.

Home delivery is £3.99.


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  • Wendy M.

    I need one of these. . :joy::joy::joy:

    • Emma A.

      - I think we need one of these for our jollies lol x x

      • Becky H.

        Haha thanks again to beckys bargains lol

        • Sharon R.

          Wonder how good it is :blush: Soo used to sandy blankets etc though #cornishlife :blush::wink: xx

          • Donna B.

            I saw it today looks awesome eh xx

            • Nicola F.

              Waste of money. Doesn't work. Sending mine back

              • Lucy M.

                Wonder does it actually work?? Sounds good

                • Vikki B.

                  These look really good don't they. Might have to get one xx

                  • Janet D.

                    Defo gonna need one. Hate sand xx

                    • Janet D.

                      I'm not paying for sun loungers :joy::joy::joy: xx

                      • Vikki B.

                        U Best Buy one of these then :joy::joy: xx

                        • Julie P.

                          I don't even sit on the sand! LOL, and that's because I can't get ep off it again lmao

                          • Debbie N.

                            I got this. It is amazing. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

                            • Leanne M.

                              sounds too good to be true

                              • Nicola R.

                                Oh man! How cheap is that? Wish I had seen this before xxx

                                • Nic M.

                                  Will and I were talking about this tonight! Me and Cole need this!!

                                  • Becky W.

                                    we needed this last week lol xx

                                  • Jennie R.

                                    Has anyone bought this and does it actually fit 7 people on and loads of space as shown or have they put loads together? X

                                    • Michelle S.

                                      Item is 200cm x 150cm so that pic must have more than one

                                      • Jennie R.

                                        Yer was thinking that

                                      • Charlotte M.

                                        Is it really as big as it looks in the picture?

                                        • Laura S.

                                          No, a man took the photo!

                                        • Sara G.

                                          :joy::joy: Cole is certainly not a fan of sand!