LumiPotti £20.99 @ Argos

LumiPotti £20.99 @ Argos

LumiPottyIf you're contemplating potty training or indeed are already entrenched in what is surely every parent's least favourite rite of passage, you might want to check out the LumiPotti - a new potty with a built-in night light - and now's a good time because it's £20.99 at Argos with free delivery.

This has won a whole bunch of awards for helping little ones get to grips with being dry at night, and it gets rave reviews from parents. The idea is that you pop it near your little one's bed at night or during nap time, and the movement-activated night light will  guide their way to the potty in the darkness without you having to worry about them dashing to the bathroom or fumbling around trying to find the potty in the dark.

The night light is also removable, so when your little one is old enough to move on from the potty to head for the bathroom at night, they can carry the light with them.

It's also made from anti-microbial plastic for extra cleanliness.

And did I mention that delivery is free?


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