Loved And Adored Baby Sleeping Bag £4.99 @ Babies R Us

If you're after a baby sleeping bag, you should take a look at this Loved and Adored baby sleeping bag that's up for grabs for half price at Babies R Us - it's super cute and only £4.99.

I've written about baby sleeping bags plenty of times before; so many, in fact, that I'm beginning to wonder what else I can tell you about them.

There were no such things as baby sleeping bags when my eldest two children were born - this wasn't a problem with my son, as he slept like a statue.  But my daughter! Wow, she was a fidget (and still is, some 17 years on!) and as she was born in November, I was getting up in the night to cover her up because she'd kicked all the blankets off.

My youngest son, Edward, however, did sleep in baby sleeping bags and it was like a revelation - whomever came up with the idea should be given some sort of humanitarian parent award!

There was no kicking off the covers, he slept at an even temperature, he slept through the night quickly (sometimes not even waking up for nappy changes!), and, all-in-all I simply cannot recommend baby sleeping bags highly enough.

This particular one is gender neutral in colour and design - the teddy bear and buttoned label is seriously adorable! - so you can buy a couple ahead of schedule, if you're waiting for a baby to arrive.

Babies R Us click and collect service has been revamped - you can pop into your local store, now, just 29 minutes after you've placed your order; not bad, and you'll save yourself £4.95 in home delivery costs in the process.

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