Llama, Flamingo or Sloth Lunch Bag £2.99 @ Groupon

Llama, Flamingo or Sloth Lunch Bag £2.99 @ Groupon

My daughter has just started having a packed lunch at school rather than a hot lunch so we have been looking for a new lunch box for her. She wants a different one so she can spot it easily on the lunch trolley.

We spotted these cute Lunch Bags from Groupon, I love the designs they have! Plus they are a great buy at only £2.99 each instaed of £12.99!

These fab lunch bags have an easy to open zip top and are a great choice for adults and children! They are strong and durable as they are made from insulated recycled materials.

They are available in four fun designs: Llama, Tropical, Sloth and Flamingo. There was a unicorn design but sadly that has sold out.

They are designed to keep food separate and fresh and also have a handle at the top to make it easier to carry around. I always keep some of these lunch bags in for the Summer, it makes it easier for the kids to carry their own little lunch bag rather than me having to drag round a large picnic bag!

Home delivery is £1.99.


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  • Joanne H.

    - made me think of Charlotte’s love of the flamingo xx

    • Zoe E.

      !! There is a sloth one!!!! Xx

      • Kelly C.

        please tell me you have invested :joy::joy:

        • Hollie M.

          Max has one with tractors but I think I want one myself :joy:

        • Anna T.

          Sloth lunch bag lol :laughing:

          • Marla C.

            Wow thanks ! This is a must have !

          • Kirsty G.

            we need the llama lunch bag :joy::joy::joy:

            • Laura F.

              drama llama :joy::joy::joy:

              • Victoria M.

                When you factor in delivery, ebay is cheaper

                • Val X.

                  Oh my don’t let L see that :joy: