That's Not My Lion £3.67 @ Amazon

That's Not My Lion £3.67 @ Amazon

You know how Amazon send you recommendations of products you might fancy, bookbased on your previous browses or purchases? Well there's some cracking kids books in today's recommendations so I thought I'd share the love. The brilliant 'That's Not My...' series from Usborne's Touchy Feely Books are among the bargains to be had.

I always get really nostalgic about the Touchy Feely range of books because my kids absolutely adored them from Day 1 and five years on they still get a look in. Babies love the bright colours and gorgeous textures which stimulate those neurons, and older kids love the quirky words. My boys first learned to 'turn the page' with these books - their sturdy, hardwearing board-book pages are great for teething chops to chew on too! They also loved looking for the mouse on each page on cue. Reading these books together when they were babes was one of my favourite pastimes. Told you I go a bit gooey over this.

Anyway, That's Not My Lion is a roaring bargain right now at £3.67 with free delivery, and if you fancy some snow-themed fun then That's Not My Snowman is onlt £1.91 from several of Amazon's official sellers with £2.75 shipping.

At those prices these make brilliant items to pick up and keep as little standby gifts for toddler birthdabookys or even to slip in with a new baby gift.

While you're at it, why not slip a little something into your shopping basket for Mummy, too? The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson is currently £3.95 instead of £7.99 and practically every Mum I know is raving about it. It should be perfect if you're snowed in, too, as apparently once you crack this open you're likely not to move until you've finished reading it, about 3 days later. Never mind the kids, they'll have all those That's Not My... books to keep them entertained while you hunker down and lose yourself in the this.


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  • Nobby
    This is not a bargain. There usual price on amazon is £3 or so. Eg. That's not my monster, £2.98 Tesco's have had three packs of them for £3 in the past. That is a bargain.
    • SlayerKat
      There are loads of That's not my... book series in Asda for £4 at the moment