Lexibook Character Mobile Phones £19.99 @ Amazon

Lexibook Character Mobile Phones £19.99

Got a child that keeps moaning for a mobile phone? Show them this Sim Free Minions Feature Phone from Amazon. Not only is it unbelievably cool but it's only £19.99! Are there any reasons not to buy this phone? I can't see any! Oh and if Minions don't float your boat, there's Avengers and Disney Frozen to choose from too!

These Sim Free Character Feature Phones make ideal first phones - bright, quirky and really easy to use.

You can phone, call or text family and friends with this. It's got a built-in camera for taking photos too. Plus it can be used to listen to music with it's MP3/MP4 player.

Comes with exclusive wallpaper, animation, and ringtone.

It's impressive battery mean you can get up to 192 hours standby time and 240 minutes talk time.

Note - you only get USB Cable for charging and not a plug adapter type of charger.

Additional features: Holds two sim cards, Micro SD Slot, Bluetooth, 2G Network Capability, Alarm and Torch.

It's sim free so you can choose which operator to go with. Note - it won't work with 3.

Delivery is FREE for Amazon Prime members or add this 49p Sim Card* if you don't have Prime for FREE delivery.


  • Emma S.

    sod the kids, I want one!

  • Sophie H.

    Omg! He would absolutely love it!! He's obsessed lol!! Xxx

  • Rachel D.

    Spooky he has just been on about a phone for when he is 10 :joy::joy:

  • Jenna R.

    Ohh I like the look of that :grin::thumbsup_tone1: xx

  • Natalie E.

    Seen the minions one in toys r us today for £14.99 :) might be worth looking there if you are close to one x

  • Karen S.

    He can run on lol 7 year old with better phone than me haha x

  • Claire P.

    As much as I would love the simpleness of 1 of these, I might aswell hand him over to the senior school bullies if I sent him to school with a minions phone :joy:.

  • Martin M.

    Lol look at it as a life lesson for him!!! And he won't use it during the school day out of fear!!

  • Siobhan M.

    Haha this is fantastic! Xx

  • Lisa D.

    I was just looking at this for lily :joy::joy:

  • Lisa D.

    :joy::joy: think they'd love it x

  • Ashleigh G.

    Thought it was better than an iPhone haha for them with them been young

  • Johanna C.

    I was looking at them not bad

  • Rebecca M.

    If it's sim free why does it say it needs a sim :see_no_evil: I'm so confused

  • Darlene W.

    Cool as long as it ain't a phone as well xxxx

  • David D.

    So this is where all those old Nokias went :joy:... I think he'd struggle without apps and predictive texts :joy:

  • Laura N.

    Haha best back up phone ever x

  • Jen W.

    I like it and I think D would but not so much M and his street cred going to big school!!!

  • Lisa D.

    We've got the avengers one of these they are great and have snake on them!!!

    • Laura P.

      Does it have any other games

  • Angela D.

    This mite be the thing then to shove in for xmas they do an avengers een

  • Gerard K.

    She's not getting a mobile lol xxxx

  • Gill S.

    They look cool but it ain't got YouTube or minecraft on it my 7 yr old wouldn't b interested

  • Steph W.

    Probably not as breakable as the new ones :joy::joy: xxx

  • Carolyn M.

    Was looking at this last night but he'd drive everyone mental phoning & texting them :joy:

  • Lyndsay M.

    That's the one I tagged you in last week! X

  • Andy M.

    I know I'm still thinking about it...

  • Cathy D.

    imagine our two seen these, they'd be wanting one lol

    • Gary D.

      Think I want one for myself

    • Cathy D.

      they do look good like lol

  • Gail O.

    We don't want her to have one until she is older but thanks for the thought Hun xx

  • Kelly C.

    I'm thinkin of gettin her a play phone for her bday lol xx

  • Vicky W.

    You know that wont satisfy her....

  • Dawn M.

    I cud do with one of these as a spare there ok for 20 quid xxx

  • Louise C.

    Should see how he goes till xmas with it c

  • Debbie A.

    He wouldn't even use it or touch it it looks quite babyish he would be pure embarrassed to take it out with his friends

  • Louise C.

    Avengers on looks alright x

  • Liam C.

    This is the frozen one I shown you and said let's get her a phone you said no lol xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Suzanne R.

    You like the frozen one!:joy:

  • Emma C.

    Oh ok lol xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Helen H.

    Argos had them, think they were a fiver dearer but if it means getting it right away maybe worth trying.

  • Andrea B.

    Why does a child need a mobile phone! Bonkers!!

  • Pamela J.

    Just bought this for Christmas ! XXXXXXXXX

  • CarlnVikki C.

    Iv seen these In the bigger Asda stores too. X

  • Tommy D.

    A child does not need a mobile

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