Various LEGO Star Wars Watches (With Minifigure) From £11.06 @ Amazon

Various LEGO Star Wars Watches (With Minifigure) From £11.06 @ Amazon

My youngest son's sixth birthday is in just a couple of months and he's a bit of a LEGO Star Wars fan.  He's also very much into telling the time himself now, so one of these LEGO Star Wars watches, complete with its own minifigure, is going to be on the 'what am I going to choose to buy from this massive list of great things I've seen for him' list!

There are lots of LEGO Star Wars watches, only some of them have had their prices reduced down to the £11 mark from the full £18.99 price.

If you have a child who's more into the Dark Side of the force and fancies being part of the Empire then they can have a LEGO Star Wars Count Dooku watch; they could also have a LEGO Star Wars Clone Trooper version - although if you're going to be one of the bad guys then you at least want to be one of the head honcho evil dudes!

Alternatively you might want to encourage their good side and present your young Jedi with a LEGO Star Wars Obi Wan Kenobi watch instead.

The watches are water resistant down to a depth of 50m and the reviews are great...

"My 7 year old son got this watch for Christmas and he absolutely loves it. Very easy to adjust. It's looks pretty cool under water, too! :)"

All the usual Amazon delivery options apply, all you have to do is choose which LEGO Star Wars watch to buy!

Thanks to kc120790 at HUKD


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