LEGO Star Wars Hoth Wampa Cave set £17.98 @ Tesco

LEGO Star Wars Hoth Wampa Cave set £17.98 @ Tesco

Tesco are selling LEGO Star Wars Hoth Wampa Cave sets for £17.98, rather than £35.97; I do love a good LEGO Star Wars bargain and this is one of them.

I'm a huge Star Wars fan (you may have noticed, if you've been a PlayPennies reader for a while) and, in my mind anyway, the Hoth Wampa Cave scene is one of the most iconic.

I remember going to see The Empire Strikes Back at the cinema when it was released; I remember how bleak those opening snow scenes were, seeing Luke Skywalker hanging upside down in the Hoth Wampa cave all beaten up, and just how scary it was when you realised he was going to be dinner for the scary sounding monster who was heading his way - WOW it makes me want to go and watch it for the hundred millionth and something time now!

I've just had a gruesome thought; kids often think outside the  LEGO Star Wars box and I wonder how many boys (I can't imagine girls doing this) have recreated the Hoth Wampa Cave scene with their LEGO Star Wars Hoth Wampa Cave set and decided that Luke should actually be eaten, rather than using the force to grab his lightsaber and escape..?

I'm rather impressed with this particular LEGO Star Wars set as there's a fair bit included.  You'll get:  a Wampa ice creature, a Wampa cave, a snowspeeder, Luke Skywalker, Zev Senesca and skeleton mini figures.

Home delivery will set you back an additional £5, or you can collect your LEGO Star Wars Hoth Wampa Cave set in-store for free.

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