Lego Police Minifigure Collection £5.98 @ Amazon

Lego Police Minifigure Collection £5.98 @ Amazon

Amazon are selling this LEGO Police minifigure collection for £5.98 rather than £8.49.

I love little additional LEGO City sets like this - it's nice to be able to buy something LEGO without breaking the bank (or having to resort to robbing a cash machine) and they just add that extra dimension to LEGO City collections.

You get two LEGO police officers (they're not policeman, according to my reliable legal source) and two LEGO robbers; the LEGO City 7279 police minifigure collection also comes with a cash machine, a quad bike, a police dog, a pair of handcuffs, a money sack, and a money brick.

You can never have too much police presence - especially if your LEGO City is suffering from the same troubled time as the rest of the world!  LEGO bandits may be rioting, looting, robbing banks and generally causing all kinds of chaos and disturbances to the peace - so naughty!

All of the usual Amazon delivery 'bla bla' applies to your LEGO Police minifigure collection - if you don't mind waiting a few days for delivery then it won't cost you any extra, if you want/need the strong arm of the LEGO law as soon as possible then you'll need to pay a little bit more.

Thanks to SpideyPunk at HUKD


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