LEGO Harry Potter Visual Dictionary £3 @ The Book People

The Book People are selling copies of the LEGO Harry Potter Visual Dictionary for £3, rather than their recommended full price of £16.99; hurrah!

My family is a bit Harry Potter crazy: we could all watch the movies again and again and again (and have done, in fact).  My mum generally has a Harry Potter book on the go, and before Christmas she, and her friend Chris, went off to indulge themselves in the Harry Pottter Studios Tour.

They were like a couple of over excited school girls and the pictures of them riding broom sticks and driving the blue Ford Anglia above the Hogwarts Express, clearly showed they had an amazing time.  So amazing, actually, that they're going back again soon to do it all over again.

However, as much as my mum adores all things Harry P, I'm not sure this LEGO Harry Potter Visual Dictionary will do it for her; I'll just have to wait for my youngest son, Edward, to catch the Harry Potter bug - he's still a bit young to really be gripped by the whole saga.

Basically, the LEGO Harry Potter Visual Dictionary tells you everything you could possibly wish to know about all models, sets and characters that have been made for the LEGO Harry Potter range; it also comes with an exclusive mini figure and the reviews are glowing:

"My son, aged 9, received this book for Christmas, and it has been all we expected and more. It is filled with lots of great information, is interesting to look at and read, and we've all spent lots of time poring over it.

My son has been inspired to try to recreate some of the smaller sets, and overall we've all been impressed with the quality of the book and the info it contains. This is the first Lego book we've had, but will definitely keep our eyes open for more!"

It doesn't appear that the Book People have released any free delivery codes yet so, for now, we're all going to have to suck up the £2.80 single item delivery fee; of course, if you take a wander around the virtual Book People shelves and other things take your fancy, which take your order to £25 plus then delivery will be free.

Happy LEGO Harry Potter!

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