LEGO Duplo LEGOVille 5603 Fire Chief - £3.99 @ Amazon

This rather cute and chunky LEGO Duplo LEGOVille Fire Chief has been reduced by Amazon, for now, down to £3.99 from £6.99.

LEGO Duplo is LEGO for little kids who aren't quite ready for 'grown-up' LEGO - it's big, it's chunky and is too big to be swallowed.

This LEGO Duplo LEGOVille Fire Chief is an awesome and chunky little guy who has his own fire truck and is ready and waiting to come to the imaginative play rescue - whether there's a fire emergency in your lounge or an imaginary cat has got stuck up and imaginary tree, he'll be ready for action and will, I'm sure, save the day.

Actually his fire truck isn't a truck at all - he's too cool for that, our LEGO Duplo LEGOVille Fire Chief rides a quad bike that has his own emergency axe on the back.

Only seven pieces make up this little LEGO Duplo LEGOVille Fire Chief set, which is perfect for young fingers, 18 months or older, to put together and be able to play with before they get frustrated and bored.

The LEGO Duplo LEGOVille Fire Chief is in stock with Amazon but may, for some reason, take two extra days to be delivered.

Thanks to goonertillide at HUKD

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