LEGO Creator Lighthouse Island £20 @ Boots

Boots are selling this LEGO Creator Lighthouse Island set for £20 instead of its full £40.99 price.

I've not seen this LEGO Creator Lighthouse Island set being sold cheaper than this before, and being PlayPennies resident AFOL (Adult Fan of LEGO) I always have one eye scouting for great LEGO deals.

I have a bit of a 'thing' for lighthouses; I lived on the West Sussex coast when I was little and on the seafront road between Brighton and Shoreham there's a little lighthouse - I loved being in the car and driving past it at night on the way home and seeing it's light gently flashing round and round.

So, the LEGO Creator Lighthouse - it's got great reviews and can be made into three different things: the lighthouse which has a flashing light, a seafood restaurant complete with light-up oven or a boat house with a warning light.

The common theme here is the light and, having read the reviews, is the feature that kids love the most.  Included in the set is a light brick that creates the illusion of a working lighthouse - from all my years of playing with LEGO these really are the little details which bring your models to life.

"Usual quality from Lego. You get 3 instruction books to build 3 different variations of the light house. When built it also has a lego brick which lights up to give the impression of a working lighthouse. Great buy that kept my 8 year old busy for hours."

"First sizeable set bought for our seven year old The flashing light for the lighthouse with revolving reflector is the kind of detail that they love. Excellent."

Thanks to dsided at HUKD

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