LEGO City Tanker Truck £13 @ Tesco Direct

Tesco Direct are selling this LEGO City Tanker Truck for £13, it seems to be around the £17.99 mark elsewhere.

If you haven't got the LEGO City Tanker Truck driving around your LEGO metropolis yet you might want to pop over to Tesco and pick one up - your LEGO City vehicles can't run if they don't have petrol, and your petrol pumps will run dry if you don't have a tanker truck to deliver to them.

Two hundred and twenty two pieces make up this LEGO City Tank Truck, along with its driver; your LEGO City drivers will be able to keep their cars, lorries and trucks running all the while he makes his fuel deliveries around town - well, as long as you don't keep putting your petrol prices up in line with real life fuel costs; the price of petrol is just depressing now.

Reviews for the LEGO City Tank Truck are rather good...

"My five-year-old son bought this with some birthday money. He loves building it and playing with it, then taking it apart and building it again. Another great Lego purchase!"

"Our house feels like a storage depot for Legoland but my kids just love it! I have found that for value for money, Lego City is better value than anything else. The Tanker truck is great as it is easy enough to build for a littlun (with support) and durable enough to use for creative play. A proper winner from Lego."

You can arrange to collect your LEGO City Tanker Truck from your local Tesco store, OR you can hand over an additional £3 and they'll be more than happy to deliver it to you instead.

Thanks to WorldUK at HUKD

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