LEGO City Powerboat Transporter £14.99 @ The Entertainer

LEGO City Powerboat Transporter £14.99 @ The Entertainer

I can't help myself when it comes to Lego.  I just love it and any young lad or lass who wants a hand building things, with those wonderful square blocks, need only ask me for help once and I'm there in a flash.

I've totally bought into the whole LEGO City concept too (yeah, I know...sucker!) and so LEGO City deals like this LEGO City Powerboat Transporter are too good not to share with you - I know I'm not the only LEGO City fan in the whole wide world!

You've seen those beautiful, huge white luxury motor yachts oft' photographed by the paparazzi with a celeb' or two draped across the deck?  Well, I live near the Fairline factory who make said motor yachts and it's a rather impressive site to see them on the back of huge transporters trying to navigate their way along country lanes - you'd think they'd have thought about this 'minor' logistical issue when they were choosing their location really *grin*

Anyway, there's no escaping it - want powerboat, have to transport it to water somehow.  So no self-respecting LEGO City (no posh one anyway) can be without a LEGO City Powerboat Transporter, it's as simple as that.

The LEGO City Powerboat Transporter comes with two mini figures - a truck driver and a sailor, although he looks more like a power boat mechanic than a Royal Navy sailor - and the 254 pieces required to build the power boat and truck to transport it on.

The full price for a LEGO City Powerboat Transporter is £34.99 - a bit steep, even for LEGO City lovers! - but you can grab one from The Entertainer/The Toy Shop for £14.99; a much better price!  You can collect for free in-store or pay an additional £3.95 for home delivery.

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