LEGO City Police Station £53.99 @ Tesco (£25ish With Double Vouchers)

Tesco win the lowest current price for the LEGO City Police Station - they're letting it go for £53.99, most of the other usual suspects are around the £70 mark.  And, AND, if you've got Tesco ClubCard vouchers waiting to be used, you can do the double up voucher thing and pick up a LEGO City Police Station for around £25; that's a proper bargain.

I was utterly convinced I'd told you about this Lego City Police Station before but, searching back through the archives, it would seem this is its PlayPennies debut!

It looks properly awesome, especially if you're 1) into LEGO and 2) like playing cops and robbers!  782 bits of LEGO fit together to build a LEGO City Police Station and seven mini-figures are included to populate it - four police officers, two robbers and one police dog *woof*

Your LEGO City Policeman won't be left wanting for transport or facilities - they have a police car, prisoner transport van and bicycle at their disposal.  The police dog has his own dog kennel to live in when he's not busy tracking down criminals and when he has, the coppers can interrogate them in the evidence room, shoot their mug shots in the mug shot area and stash evidence in the secret compartment.

Handuffs, a crowbar (well you've got to let the crims' have something!) and a 'WANTED' poster are also included.

I'm sure this would make a fabulous jewel in the 'Christmas pressie crown' for any young LEGO City fan who has law enforcing aspirations (I'm assuming they don't want to be a burglar when they grow up!).

Thanks to bakedpotato at HUKD

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