LEGO City 7939 Cargo Train £97.49 @ Amazon

LEGO City 7939 Cargo Train £97.49 @ Amazon

It was, and still is, certainly the case in my family that birthday and Christmas presents are combined to allow for more expensive presents to be given - lots of our birthdays are close to Christmas too, which makes this somewhat easier.

Failing that, if you have someone with a summer birthday making a birthday/crimbo combination a little more tricky - then several people collaborating on cost can make big presents like this LEGO City Cargo Train much more affordable; let's face it, you don't always want to be given your children £5 presents on special days.

I would steam over there too, before they restore the reduced price of £97.49 to its original £129.99.

This LEGO City Cargo Train set comes with a lot of bits and pieces!  In the box, you get: four mini-figures (a train driver and three freight yard workers), a full set of tracks: two switch tracks, eight straight tracks, 16 curved tracks and 16 flexible tracks which equal the length of four straight tracks (apparently; I'm just the messenger here)

The LEGO City Cargo Train itself,  features: the engine, a tank wagon, a flatbed container wagon and an auto carrier with two cars; it measures over 88cms in length and requires nine AAA batteries.   Also in the box is a LEGO Power Functions battery box,  an infrared receiver, a medium motor and four-channel, seven-speed, infrared remote control.  There's also a big crane with fully working winch for loading and unloading containers too.

The train is compatible with LEGO 9V tracks BUT the tracks are not compatible with LEGO 9V trains, just to make things nice and 'simple'.

The LEGO City Cargo Train is suitable for LEGO fans aged six years and older; personally I think you could get away with buying it for ages a little younger than that, my five-year-old would love it, is past putting LEGO bits in his mouth and might just need a little more help than slightly older children.

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