Lego City 7235: Police Motorcycle £2.39 @ Amazon

Lego City 7235: Police Motorcycle £2.39 @ Amazon

legoCityPoliceMotorcycleIf you're building up your Lego City 'Cops and Robber's collection, and haven't got the Lego City 7235 Police Motorcycle yet, then you should pop over to Amazon and save yourself 40% off the usual £3.99 and pay £2.39 instead.

I don't think I'll ever get bored of playing with Lego and I particularly love all the Lego City bits and pieces as you can really let your imagination run riot with it.

When I was little we - me and all the kids that lived near by - used to cycle round the neighbourhood on our bikes playing Cops and Robbers.

Those were the days when the biggest fear we had was forgetting to be home in time for dinner, having been out all day without a care in the world - no bad guys hiding behind bushes, hardly any traffic on the roads to knock us down, but then this was more than 30 years ago.

But NOW things aren't like that so, HURRAH, for all the Lego City police items as Cops and Robbers lives on in the form of the little square brick dudes and their police motorcycles.

Twenty nine pieces make up this little Lego City 7235 Police Motorcycle and at £2.39 - with no postage to pay - you could buy more than one and start to build your own little police force.

This isn't an Amazon Deal of the Week so the price is vulnerable to Amazon tinkering (most probably as soon as I hit publish!).

Thanks to meowmeow20 at HUKD


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