Laundry Sale January Discounts @ Appliance City

I often find that my white goods – read, washing machine or fridge – tend to collapse just when my budget is absolutely broken. That usually means after Christmas or a big event of some kind. Well, Appliance City have very kindly stepped in for those of you who have just experienced this problem and are holding a Laundry Sale on awesome washing machines.

You will find a rather nice range of products included in the sale with you getting items such as the De Dietrich fully integrated washer dryer for £499. Now the items all say January Sale but there are no before prices on the site, nor do they say what the discount is so it is a bit rubbish, but you can compare these prices to other sites to see what your offer nets you.

The products all come with free delivery and you have plenty of information on the site as to what each product can do.

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