Hello Kitty London Watch And Purse Set £5 @ M&S

Marks and Sparks are selling this Hello Kitty London Watch and Purse set for £5, rather than its original £12.

I get why young girls love Hello Kitty, but my teenage granddaughter is obsessed with her too!  She's on the prowl for a pair of Hello Kitty high-heeled shoes and all the while she can't find any I'm very happy.

My youngest niece is a huge Hello Kitty fan too and I know she'd be thrilled to be given this Hello Kitty London Watch and Purse set - she loves all this purses and bags (so that's a big up-tick right there) I don't know if she's into having her own watches yet, but it will come - it always does.

I'd really like to have seen a Hello Kitty analogue watch though, rather than a digital one - I just think kids should learn to tell the time on a timepiece that has hands, but then I'm a bit old-fashioned like that!

Reviews are good too:

Made an excellent gift for a little girl. She loved it :-) and I see why. It looks pretty, the watch straps have some shimmer in them and the purse is not too small, but a nice little size for tiny hands.

All my daughter wanted for Christmas was Hello Kitty watch. She's only 2 and can't tell time yet. For her age, it's a good watch and seems very durable and she loves the purse, it goes everywhere.

You can arrange to collect your Hello Kitty London Watch and Purse set for free, from your local M&S store, or you can have them deliver it to you, but it'll cost you an additional £3.50.  Forget that, I'd just pop into town.

Happy Hello Kitty stashing money and telling the time!

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